Charter Services

At Redline we offer a wide range of charter services including
transfers for weddings, parties, special events and concerts.

We provide large or small volume passenger transfers to and from airports, hotels and venues and can manage tailored shuttle services, providing seamless movement of guests and delegates between venues and events. 

Sport, camps and other extracurricular activity are an important part of school life and at Redline we help you focus on the needs of your students by providing a professional and reliable school transport service.

We work with schools all over the state, ensuring that school groups are delivered safely and on time.

This can be tricky as demand for supply increases for major, multi-school events, when everyone needs the buses, all at the same time. Our large fleet give us the advantage and ensures your students participation is 100% and we are on time all the time.

With the largest coach capacity in the state of up to 80 seats, we can provide economic solutions for large school groups, often eliminating the need for an additional coach.

Our professionally trained drivers and our safe, well maintained fleet can offer your school a safe, friendly and reliable service.

Contact us to discuss your charter requirements.

Why choose Redline

What to ask when selecting a transport partner
  • What is the value of experience?
  • What is the value of quality service?
  • What is the value of reliability and backup support?